Working while Walking

April 21, 2016 - Standing Desks

With the obesity epidemic finally being taken as a serious threat by the American workforce, many offices are now employing the benefits of walking while working. By putting a treadmill underneath a standing desk, office workers are getting to exercise on the clock, saving them a lot more than time at the gym after work.


More Good Moods, Less Bad Stress

Research has long shown that exercise is pivotal in a healthy attitude. Able to boost one’s mood while simultaneously decreasing anxiety through the release of endorphins, being able to fit in a good walk on a treadmill while at work is a great way to incorporate a healthy activity without tacking extra hours onto the day. If mood isn’t enough of a push to treadmill, also consider that those that regularly workout tend to be more confident.


A Healthy Weight

When you move, you burn energy, known as calories. The more calories that are burned, the more weight is dropped. Even walking at a relaxed two miles per hour for just one hour is enough to burn more calories than you weigh. In addition, the more you weigh, the more the treadmill helps you lose. Keep in mind, the only stipulation is that you don’t then eat more. If you eat to make up for the calories you burned off, you won’t lose weight.


Lower Blood Pressure

Walking is a great way to increase blood flow by increasing how fast the heart is pumping. This, then, decreases blood pressure. A study by the American College of Sports Medicine found that a single walking session led to low blood pressure up to 22 hours after the walk.


Stronger Bones

Though not a major concern for men, women have to consider their bones. As they age, they lose calcium, resulting in osteoporosis in their later years. This is why regular exercise is so important. By standing up against gravity, you are putting weight on your bones, forcing them to maintain their strength. Even something as simple as treadmill walking does wonders for maintaining strong bones.


Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is the one form of diabetes that we cause. By eating unhealthy foods and not working out, the body maintains a high level of glucose in the blood. Should this remain too high to too long, the insulin typically used by the body to deal with the glucose can no longer do its job. When that happens, individuals now have to manually give themselves insulin injections.

Exercise fights this because glucose is energy that is immediately ready for use. Your body wants to burn it as soon as it can. When you walk on a treadmill at your standup desk, the energy needed to power the walking is taken from the glucose in the blood, thereby lowering glucose levels and staving off Type 2 Diabetes.