Schools Battle for Standup Desks for all Students

April 28, 2016 - Standing Desks

Standup desks are for more than just the trendy office worker. In fact, schools across the nation are pulling in alternatives to sitting desks as a way to test out if they actually are all they appear to be. Since 2015, news articles have been flooding the internet, discussing schools that have tried out standing desks and have met with exceptional success.


Not For Just Any Grade

Elementary, middle and high schools across the nation have been featured for taking on this forward thinking approach to learning. While not every school can afford a total classroom refurbishing, the few that have had the finances donated have found great results.

For instance, an elementary school classroom was granted 25 standing desks with the help from one of the student’s parents. It began due to a troubling realization during a potato sack race when it was discovered that not many of the children actually had the flexibility to get in the potato sacks, indicative of the harm to mobility caused by sitting for extended periods. Following success in the one classroom, the parents managed to raise $150,000 to get every student a standing desk in that school and then went on to found Stand Up Kids, a group aiming to earn enough money to get every student in the nation a standup desk.

At Alexandria Country Day School, headlines are being made as they are the first to provide their middle schoolers standing desks in every classroom. They are so diverse that students can choose to stand, sit or kneel depending on how they want to be situated. This was aided in part by an anonymous $3 million dollar donation. Since the implementation, teachers have noted an extreme decrease in the disruptive behavior so common in teenagers in middle school.

As for high schoolers, they’ve been put to the test. A group of researchers took 34 high school students and tested their academic achievements during two points during the year while using standing desks. After all the data was gathered, standing desks were given an A+ in terms of their ability to help improve the cognitive function of these high schoolers, further proving that giving students the ability to move around more during the day is far more beneficial than simply on a physical level.


Standing desks are an absolute must for every classroom. Backed by research and an increasing number of anecdotal stories taken from classrooms that have already implemented them, it’s surprising that there hasn’t been more of a push to have them installed across the nation. That being said, the Stand Up Kids foundation serves as evidence that there are those that recognize the importance of these desks for childhood development and are willing to fight to see these desks become the norm. It’s one of those rare moments where what is purported to be great for classrooms actually is.