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Standing Up for a Better Mood!
Exercise has long been heralded as a natural way to boost mood, but did you know that the act of standing up is as effective? Already praised for improving [...]
Science Boosts for more Standing
According to recent studies, standup desks may do more for children than simply helping them wiggle out their extra energy. According to a small study [...]
Should You Worry About Standing Desks?
In amidst the current movement to outfit every classroom and office with standing desks, it seems that the cons are being forgotten. Even though it is true [...]
A $25 dollar stand up desk? Check out Oristand
You want to bring in standing desks to your office but you just don’t have the thousand or so odd dollars lying around to get desks that are adjustable and [...]
How tall is too tall for standing desks?
Whenever a new product emerges that is fit for mass consumption, the object typically falls into fitting only an average range of heights. This leaves the [...]
Standing Desks and Accessories help students with Fidgeting
If there’s one thing kids are well-versed in, it’s not being able to sit still. No matter how badly their teachers want them to remain calm, kids are hard [...]
Finding your Perfect Standup Desk Mat
Though preferred to sitting desks, standing desks are not without their vices. These desks promote standing too much, something that causes physical [...]
Conversion Desks Might Be Worth A Try
Full stand up desks are not a cheap investment. Rather complex pieces of office furniture, even the cheapest start at around $400. Luckily, there are [...]
Why You Should Consider A Footrest For Your Standup Desk
Standing desks are great for a wide number of reasons, the most common of which being the simple fact that it saves you from sitting for eight hours [...]
Adjust Your Standup Desk Easily
With as many different heights as there are and as varied as they can be based on something as simple as what shoe you’re wearing, standing desks [...]