How many Monitors can you keep on a Standup Desk?

March 24, 2016 - Standing Desks

When you finally get your standing desk, there are certain things that will need to rest along the desk real estate you now have sitting in front of you. The most important of these is the monitor. As it can be assumed most of your work is done by way of a computer, you’ll need the screen to see what you’re doing. In addition to a mouse, mouse pad and keyboard, your once spacious standup desk can now seem a bit cluttered. This is why it’s important to put some thought into how much space you’ll need so that you buy a desk that actually works the way you need it to.


One Size Does Not Fit All

The maximum number of monitors a standing desk can hold really depends on the type of standing desk being used and its suggested weight limitations. Because these desks have such a high center of gravity, piling weight on top of them further increases the chance they’ll fall over – that is, of course, unless the bottom of the desk is specially designed to offset this issue. On top of this, desk space can be a problem. Some standing desks are for one monitor alone while others are full workspaces that can fit up to five comfortably and still provide room for paperwork.

That being said, these five monitors do need to adhere to the weight restrictions. This doesn’t really come up for smaller standup desks as the smaller options can only hold one. It more applies to the full standup desks. The carts without wheels can hold up to 50 pounds safely while those with wheels typically only go up to 25 pounds. This is understandable because standing desks face a much greater risk of falling over when being pushed around as opposed to remaining stationary.



Monitors, though easiest to add to a desk simply by sitting on one, can also be physically attached to the desk itself. Much like how televisions can be mounted to walls, displays can be mounted to desks with arms that swivel around in many directions. These are great for one screen but can prove to be problematic with more due to how such an arm would displace the weight. Attach it to the front of the desk and, suddenly, the weight is no longer being balanced on the center supports. It is now making the desk front heavy, further increasing the chance of a spill, broken monitors and wasted money.


In the end, the risks of too many monitors on a standup desk only come into play when desk directions aren’t followed. Designers do create these awesome desks to hold more than one monitor for those out there that need two or more screens. The secret is simply investing in those desks that are designed to hold what you need them to hold.