History Reveales Standup Desks as Useful Invention

March 10, 2016 - Standing Desks

The use of standup desks while working is not a new trend but has been used for centuries. The most effective cause to use standup desks is people can beat the “sitting disease” while working. If we get into the history, it becomes very evident that the early use of standup desks was found in 1400 when Leonardo da Vinci used the standup desk to paint his miraculous and wonderful artistic piece, the Mona Lisa. The historians also uncover that the artists perceived other ideas like flying machine and armored car while using the standup desks as well.

This was the origin and very first use of standup desks but later on, 18th and 19th centuries proved the eras of standup desks’ popularity. The role of an English minister, Job Orton, can never be ignored in highlighting and demonstrating standup desks a significant rise. He, in 1797, had remarked that while writing and studying, bending must be avoided. He added that never stoop your head nor bend your breasts and to prevent this, the standup desks were employed for these purposes. Even a book in 1858 suggested revealed that all the early writings were done on standup desks. This was the time when standup desks got a revolutionary concept.

The modern studies and the past as well have confirmed that people are now turning to standup desks while working, be it writing, painting or others. Here we are presenting some prominent personalities, artists and historians who used standup desks for their works, and these descriptions will also inform about the brief history of standup desks as well. The most prominent and earliest individual to use a standup desk in the US was Thomas Jefferson. Being the founding father of writing the Declaration of Independence and serving as the 3rd president, he had ordered a standup, indeed heightened, desk from the famous Williamsburg Cabinetmaker. The desk had sex legs as per the request of Thomas Jefferson. He did most of his writing on this very early standup desk. It might be said that the standup desk might have enhanced his productivity in creation and efficiency, but no one may ever think so.

According to Donald Rumsfeld, the standup desk of Thomas is still present in the state department. Donald was entirely acquitted to working on a standup desk without having a chair in his office. He used to work 8-10 hours on the standup desk except when he had to have dinner with guests.

1400—1500s History

This era contains the standup desk usage by Leonardo da Vinci and creation of famous artwork Mona Lisa.

1600—1700s History

This age of standup desks is attributed to colleges, president and dictators. This was the period when the world’s largest university, the University of Cambridge used the standup desks.

1800—1900s History

This era is famous for the use of standup desks in creating world’s best novels and the world wars as well.

Present History

Today’s period has emerged as the most revolutionary for the popularity of standup desks, and it has become a trend to employ these standing desks for most of the activities in colleges, universities, offices and homes.