Can you afford to Stand up all day long? Here are some Standup desks for under $100

March 17, 2016 - Standing Desks

When on the market for a standup desk, it can be hard to find options that are affordable. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t great options out there available for less than $100. So long as you’re willing to give up the bells and whistles of the more expensive brands, you can find a great standup desk without having to set aside a second mortgage.


Techni Mobili Laptop Cart – $65.54

This MDF constructed laptop standing desk on wheels is the perfect little space for those that don’t need an entire desk to do things on. Compact, it is ideal for those that like to work on the go. It adjusts from 35” to 44” and comes with dual wheel casters to allow for its superb mobility. Beneath the upper desk sits an adjustable storage space ideal for anything from books to other media. There’s even a secondary desk great for holding drinks or work to be finished later on. Its PVC laminated surfaces give a great shine to the faux woodgrain, making it an elegant fit to any space.


FitDesk Tabletop Standing Desk – $77.78

Measuring 17” by 20” by 10”, this is a much more compact tabletop extender, very much like the Techni Mobili. Unlike the Techni Mobili, though, it is even friendlier for those that like to carry around their standup desks with them. It is also one of the more sturdy options around with its steel frame construction. Beyond serving as a simple laptop holder, the desk portion comes with built-in massage rollers to alleviate the strain that comes with typing. No assembly is required and it comes with a three year warranty.


HomeConcept Speedy Stand Up Portable Desk – $99.99

Unlike many of the cheaper standup desks that come with balance issues, the HomeConcept Speedy Stand Up Portable desk skirted the issue entirely by employing solid pieces of wood to create the stand that holds up the desk. It unfolds on top of a sitting desk to add another 12”, perfect for those 5’3” to 5’11”. That being said, HomeConcept does have a line for people taller than 6’. Only weighing 19 pounds, it is the perfect portable lightweight solution for those that are always on the move but don’t like sitting. It is 36” wide, making it ideal for more than just a well-place monitor. At its heart, it is there to serve as an actual desk addition, complete with a spacious top level.


Just because you want to upgrade to a standup desk doesn’t mean you have to purchase the most expensive brand out there. For less than $100, you, too, can stand during the work day. Even better, though, is the fact that two of these don’t make your sitting desk obsolete. Simple move the tabletop options to the floor to continue working as you take a break from standing.