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Schools Battle for Standup Desks for all Students
Standup desks are for more than just the trendy office worker. In fact, schools across the nation are pulling in alternatives to sitting desks as a way to [...]
Working while Walking
With the obesity epidemic finally being taken as a serious threat by the American workforce, many offices are now employing the benefits of walking while [...]
The right and wrong way of using a Standup Desk.
Standing the Right Way As humans evolved to stand on two legs, it might sound silly that we’d have to consider proper ways of standing after investing in a [...]
What to do about Standing Desks and sore feet?
A Sore Issue Standing desks seem great at first. They allow for more activity, promote alertness and help fight health problems long associated with too [...]
How many Monitors can you keep on a Standup Desk?
When you finally get your standing desk, there are certain things that will need to rest along the desk real estate you now have sitting in front of you. [...]
Can you afford to Stand up all day long? Here are some Standup desks for under $100
When on the market for a standup desk, it can be hard to find options that are affordable. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t great options out there [...]
History Reveales Standup Desks as Useful Invention
The use of standup desks while working is not a new trend but has been used for centuries. The most effective cause to use standup desks is people can beat [...]
Kid size Standup desks!
The adult working world is not the only one to benefit from the current trend toward stand up desks. All across the country, schools are being outfitted [...]
Can any Standing Desk be put on top of any Treadmill?
While owning a regular standing desk is enough for some, there are still many more that seek total exercise at work. For them, the addition of a treadmill [...]
Is Sitting Hazardous?
With so much talk revolving around the benefits of standing, it’s no surprise that the effects of sitting poorly all day have been demonized. From constant [...]